Becoming Interactive:
Four Week Interactive Design Workshop with Deloitte Digital

Wednesday, Apr 3rd to Wednesday, May 1st

Becoming Interactive is a 4-week, pre-college workshop that serves as an introduction to digital design, focusing on the evolutionary stages involved in designing mobile applications and websites. Students will learn the foundational differences between user interface designers and user experience designers, as well as story telling with wire frames. The first two weeks of this workshop discuss the question What is Digital?, and the last two weeks focus on hands-on learning to create a digital product that can be showcased in the student's personal portfolio. Participants will leave this workshop series with a basic knowledge of how to design a digital experience, taking into consideration functionality, usability, design standards, and applicable career paths in digital.


Overview - Weekly on Wednesdays

  • Week 1 – What is digital? - History and overview of digital design, new apps, design styles, interesting projects that push boundaries, etc.
  • Week 2 – How do you tell your story? - The story is key to expressing your idea and communicating it to a client. We will cover effective story telling and discuss ideas for future projects.
  • Week 3 – Wire Framing (User Experience Design or UX) - Overview and beginning tutorial on creating conceptual wire frames.
  • Week 4 – Creating Visual Design using Photoshop (User Interface Design or UI) - Taking wires and making them visual. Discussion of graphic user interfaces, general platform guidelines and styles. Tutorials on using Photoshop to create a mobile app or website basics.

Students should have:

  • Working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite's Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Interest in creating visual design related to web and mobile applications
  • Interest in telling a story through a digital concept
  • Students who have time and interest in putting in some side hours to further develop their ideas into digital projects


About Amarides Montgomery

Leading our Becoming Interactive workshop, is none other than Amarides Montgomery. Amarides is an interactive designer / art director who relocated to Denver last August from Brooklyn, NY. She graduated from the Pratt Institute with her Masters of Science in Communication Design in 2006, and has 8 years of industry experience, including designing for HUGE (Brooklyn office), Condé Nast Digital,,, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, and the Institute for Children and Poverty. Her background is in Advertising, graduating Summa Cum Laude with a BA in Journalism from the University of Oklahoma in 2003, and studying business at the University of Central England in 2001. Amarides currently resides in Denver, Colorado, and designs for Deloitte Digital | Übermind, focusing on mobile interfaces and interactive web. You can view her portfolio at

About Deloitte Digital

From strategy to delivery, Deloitte Digital combines creative with trusted business and technology to define and deliver tomorrow’s digital business. Deloitte's story is one of combined strengths—the story of left brain meets right. Übermind’s roots provide the creative insight and mobile know-how. Deloitte completes the equation with leading-edge business, systems integration, and enterprise technology capabilities. Our studios were formed with a single goal in mind: inspiring people to do their best work.